The Effects of Filtering Fluorescent Lighting to Decrease Asthenopia

and Increase Productivity Among Data Entry Operators.*

Dutson T, Yardley R, LaMotte J.

Southern California College of Optometry



According to the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, the number one cause of high levels of fatigue, errors at work, and lost days of production is eyestrain.  Several national societies attribute this eyestrain to an overabundance of light. The average office environment requires 20-50 foot-candles of light for tasking.  Most work sites with cool-white fluorescent bulbs however measure on average 80-120 foot-candles, this excess can result in asthenopia.  The NaturaLux Filters were designed to create full-spectrum lighting conditions, decrease light transmission, and absorb UV light. This study attempts to identify the benefits of filtered full-spectrum light conditions produced by NaturaLux Filters™ on data entry operators.  Experiments were designed and performed to test whether NaturaLux Filters reduced glare and overall light transmission, which in essence would likely reduce symptoms of asthenopia.  It was found that there was a statistically significant decrease in the frequency of eyestrain and eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, and blur with computer use, among the participants of the study after the NaturaLux Filters were installed.


Computer screen reflection was also shown to significantly decrease with NaturaLux Filters in place. With regard to intensity and onset of all asthenopic symptoms, statistical significance was not obtained.  Also, no statistical significance was obtained in relation to the filtered light increasing personal energy levels, and decreasing headaches and eye discomfort.  Overall, the filtering of standard cool-white fluorescent light with the NaturaLux Filters, showed significant decrease in asthenopic symptoms, and participants responded that they preferred the filtered conditions over non-filtered conditions.






*Throughout this text, we have replaced all references to our products prior trademark (NaturaLight) to NaturaLux.  No other changes have been made.  We apologize for any confusion.

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